Competition drawings

DRAW: draw_hungarian-tatami-karate-cup_2019-11-23-.pdf

PROGRAM: 23-nov-2019-hungarian-tatami-karate-cup-program.pdf

CATEGORY TIME TABLE:23-nov-2019-hungarian-tatami-cup-category_-time.pdf


Bulletin: 30-hungarian-tatami-cup-english_bulletin_07-03-2020.pdf

Entry Forms: 

You can register your competitiors on an online form.

To this you will need a gmail email address, because we can only send eligibility for the registration to this type of email address.

One sport team can use just one email address for the registration.

Before we can send you the eligibility for the registration, you have to send an email to about that you need an eligibility.

If you have any questions please write an email to the email address.