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Coach Information


Coach Information

33. Hungarian Tatami Karate Cup
Nearly 77 clubs are participating in 600 competitors

Please, find the information on the 33rd Hungarian Tatami Cup below:

We have closed the registration for the competition which means we cannot take on more participants.  You can modify your submitted entries until Tuesday midnight 28 February 2023.

 You can submit the modified entry forms to: gali.csaba66@gmail.com.

Please note that we  DO NOT accept modifications on the spot.

Please check your categories in time!


We are having competitors from 18 countries:

Austria, Algeria, Bosnia I Hercegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus,  England, Greece,  Hungary , Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, Romania, Serbia,  Slovakia, Ukraine.


Kumite net  fighting time in categories:

  • U8, U10, -  1 minute
  • U12, U14  -  1,5 minutes
  • cadet, junior -  2 minutes
  • Senior-  3 minutes
  • 1-5 competitors round robin system – from 6 competitors wkf rules


Round robin and lineal

In KUMITE, in case of 3-4-5 competitors you have a round robin ( in a round robin you have only one bronze medalist) In case of  a round robin the winner is the competitor who has won more matches. If the competitors win the same amount of matches, the one with the highest scores wins. In case of even number of scores, the result of the corresponding match with each-other counts


In case of 6 or more competitors you have a linear with a straight dropout, with full repechage.

Protection equipment:

- mouthguard, belt, karate mitts, foot protector (same color) body protector are compulsory.

- shinpad (same color) is compulsory

- groin guard  and chest protector are recommended

- head protector is  allowed, but not compulsory.


Kata categories

  • U8, U10, U12, competitors present  their kata simultaneously  in every round – flag system except for medal matches. In medal matches aka and ao perform the kata separately.  - at least 2 different kata required.
  • U14-   competitors present their kata separately in every round – flag system
  • Cadet, junior, Senior- competition takes place according to a scoring system.
  • KATA age U14 - at least 3 different kata required - flag system  - kata separately.
  • KATA cadets, junior and Senior – WKF system



Weighting at a tournament can only be on a random basis before the commencement of a

category. Once a category is launched, it will no longer be possible to lodge a protest.


- Weight tolerance for categories of younger cadets, cadets, juniors, U21 and seniors is 2000

grams, including all the equipment - properly dressed in karate gi, with a belt and all



- Weight tolerance for categories of children up to 11 years of age is 1200 grams, including

all the equipment - properly dressed in karate gi, with a belt and all protectors.



Every competitor must check in at the warming- up area 15 minutes before their category.

The competitors of each category go to the tatamies together, led by an organizer.



  • There is a medal ceremony after every category which means the competitors must go straight to the medal ceremony area after the matches.



Competition News


Email: tatamicup@gmail.com

Organizers phone:

Zsuzsanna Klima: